The Ashram encourages visitors!  We hold classes available to the public for beginning students, free of cost.  Advanced classes are also free of cost, but do require basic training.  Consider attending one of our public classes, or scheduling a time to visit between classes.

Rules for visitors
We encourage visitors, but ask that you respect the holy nature of the grounds and those studying and practicing Yoga here by following several rules.

Alcoholic beverages, marijuana and guns (or other weapons) are not permitted on Ashram grounds.

We ask visitors and students have been sober (from marijuana, alcohol, or other intoxicants) for at least 48 hours before coming to the Ashram or Ashram events.

Pets are not permitted in the Ashram or at Ashram events, unless specifically invited (we do hold some animal friendly events, though).

We also ask that visitors dress modestly.  See: What should I wear?

What should I wear?
Because this is an Ashram, we ask that students dress modestly.  We ask that men and women cover their shoulders, upper arms, breasts, stomach, back, upper legs and hips.  The Buddha Gotama directed that work clothes should be worn.  When classes are held outside of the Ashram, we do require shoes.

Does Loka Hatha Yoga have "HOT YOGA?"
In the summer, we have "Hot Yoga."  In the winter, we have "Cold Yoga."  We practice becoming comfortable with both heat and cold, various types of weather, and especially comfortable with discomfort.  But we also practice indoors on some days, whether at the Ashram or in the community - and do not expose ourselves to dangerous weather.