Teacher Training

The practice of Yoga is completed by training in teaching.  We believe practice makes perfect and you can learn how to use yoga and meditation to bring an end to distress and suffering, within yourself - and your world. Students are prepared to perfect their training in their daily lives, within their own community, within their lifetime. Students advance at their own pace in preparation for advanced classes.  There is no charge for these introductory, beginning and intermediate classes.

For students who would devote their lives to the study and practice of Yoga, we offer advanced studies through an "Apprenticeship Program" free of cost. Students must make an application and take vows.  Students begin studies as a Probationer. The student will then advance to an Apprentice, subsequently graduating as an Instructor of Yoga. Upon graduation as an Instructor, our Instructors are encouraged to remain with Loka Hatha Yoga and service the community as they continue their studies, working side-by-side with their Teachers. Instructors are encouraged to continue their studies and become a Master of Yoga (with their choice of numerous technical specializations) - and help lead Loka Hatha Yoga's service to the community. Masters of Yoga are in turn encouraged to further advance in their training to become a Teacher of Yoga and join our Board of Governors as a full member of our community.