Mesa County Jail Yoga Program

Loka Hatha Yoga proposed and began the Jail Yoga Program in 2018.  We invite you to support the entire justice system, together with its officers, and courts, in whatever capacity you are able to.  Whether by volunteering to teach Yoga, or serve in other ways, or to collect donations necessary for the advancement of Justice, which is so necessary for lasting peace and happiness in our community.  A final victory over violence, poverty, and hatred is possible, but only through extraordinary acts of selfless love.

Please contact us for more information.

In the meantime, consider

* Collecting books for donation to the Jail Library
* Attending court proceedings to witness Justice, attending council and commission meetings
* Cleaning up roads from litter, and restoring the damage from and otherwise reconciling other criminal acts
* Volunteering with any of your local municipalities, districts, or departments
* Provide food, friendship and other necessary comfort to those in need: every meal is better shared
* Care for your family, neighbors and strangers in your community: we only have each other.
* Advance your own practice: since you are a part of this world, if you are at peace, and happy, you will improve the entire world when you improve yourself.