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Our blog has a new look and style! But don't worry: among our free books and free classes and other free resources, check out The Secret Knowledge of Yoga and The Logic of Buddhism, both of which have lots of your favorite and new sutras, shastras, puranas, lessons, and the "everything yoga" of our prior "incarnation" you loved.

Free Classes, Materials and Reading


Teacher training

Teaching is an important component of studying.  Loka Hatha Yoga offers free teacher training.

Loka Hatha Yoga also offers specialized training for yogis seeking to volunteer with the Sheriff's Office instructing meditation and yoga as part of the Jail Yoga program (as Jail Yo-G's). Your help is needed. Whether you have no prior experience, or lots of prior experience, we need your help.

We invite you to participate and contribute. Contact lokahathayoga@gmail.com for more information

Secret Knowledge of Yoga (the Secret Yoga Class)


A 12 week English-only series of 24 classes instructing in the “Secret” Knowledge of Yoga, preparing students for both personal, home and professional practice through a better understanding of the principles of yoga, as well as by developing several of the advanced yogic skills (siddhis).

Series attendance policy: 
Walk-ins are welcomed in any and every class.  Students are encouraged, but not required, to attend the entire series.  Each class has been designed to both stand-alone, and build upon the other lessons.  For students who miss a class, the series has been scheduled to repeat once and individual tutoring is available.

Textbook required, free of cost: 
Textbooks are required, available free of cost (PDF format), or in kindle and paperback formats.

All ages, skill levels welcome: 
No great physical or psychic powers are required as a prerequisite for this class.

More information: 

Jail Yoga
Loka Hatha Yoga provides volunteers (Jail Yo-G's) to instruct meditation and yoga free of cost at the Mesa County Jail sanghas.  You do not have to commit a crime to get the Sheriff to reserve you a seat.  We offer Jail Yoga for free to the community, as well, by appointment.

Sitting and doing nothing
We wanted to invite everyone to sit and do nothing with us for less than a half hour - either at the Ashram (mondays at 12:30), or at locations around Grand Junction. If you'd want to join us, or for any more information, or directions to our new location, lokahathayoga@gmail.com.

Free Materials and Reading

All of our class materials and books are available free of cost in PDF format, and at-cost in unbound paper. Please email lokahathayoga@gmail.com to ask for a copy.  

And if you enjoyed your free book and materials, consider donating here to provide books to the Mesa County Jail, or to other students in need


Some are also provided online, for download here, on this webpage (you don't have to ask us to get you a copy). 

And!  They are also available in bound paperback format from https://smile.amazon.com/ (please ask amazon.com to donate 1/2% of your purchases to support our service programs BY CLICKING HERE and using smile.amazon.com instead of amazon.com!). 

Class materials from previous and current series and classes

The Secret Knowledge of Yoga. This easy to read, English language book was developed to accompany a class series of the same title.  However, it has broader applicability, and is useful even to those who were unable to attend, not only for study and practice, but as a model for others to provide similar instruction.  With the intent to permit students to improve personal and professional practice, students are prepared for advanced practice: beginning with introductory background information, skills and conceptual orientation, intermediate classes in training build a foundation of competent practice suitable for advanced classes. This book presents supporting course material in chronological order, together with other helpful information.

PDF version (FREE) of the Secret Knowledge of Yoga
Email lokahathayoga@gmail.com to inquire about unbound printed pricing
Yes it is free, but please consider donating to support our community services!

Logic of Buddhism. Based upon the teachings of the Buddha Gotama contained in the Pali Canon, here is presented an easy to understand, illustrated and diagramed introduction to Buddhist logic - complemented by advanced explanations of the concepts introduced for further study. Critical excerpts from the Pali Canon are presented in conversational English to provide practical guidance on the path of practice in daily life.

PDF version (FREE) of Logic of Buddhism
Email lokahathayoga@gmail.com to inquire about unbound printed pricing
Yes it is free, but please consider donating to support our community services!

Vegan and Gluten Free. Gluten Free and Vegan diets are more than fads, more than a way of life – for some, it is the way to stay alive and necessary to their health and happiness. Don’t worry, though: catering to their needs is easy and won’t require fancy ingredients or techniques. Providing accommodation for those with special dietary requirements is easier than you’d think – and it is a great way to increase both the number of customers and their satisfaction. Doing so does not require stocking special ingredients or modifying your menu – only learning how and advertising to the public that you have options for those requiring special diets. This book provides easy to use information and directions specially intended for food professionals who cook and prepare foods for a living - but also “translates” these into concepts for “Professionals @ Home” who provide for the needs of family members and friends. Learn not only the method, but the “why” and “how” through easy to understand scientific and technical information. And get tips on marketing: catering to Gluten Free and Vegan diets is a great way to increase business! At the end of the book are helpful sheets which may be freely reproduced and displayed for training or reference purposes – in the professional kitchen and at home.

PDF version (FREE) of Vegan and Gluten Free

* FREE! Hand-out explaining how to easily adapt any recipe to be vegan
* FREE! Hand-out explaining how to easily adapt any recipe to be gluten free
* FREE! Poster for kitchen use on how to adapt recipes to be vegan or gluten free (PNG)
* FREE! Poster for kitchen use on how to adapt recipes to be vegan or gluten free (PDF)

Hummingbirds for Amateur Scientists. Hummingbirds are not only a joy to watch, but present an exciting frontier for the newest science and technology. Comprehensively exploring humanity’s history with the hummingbird from prehistoric myths to the most modern understandings of fluid dynamics at a variety of reading levels, Hummingbirds for Amateur Scientists is fun for children, challenging for young adults – and enjoyable for adults to share. Learn about the exciting role amateur scientists are playing in helping professional scientists fully discover the profound lessons these tiny birds have to teach…and what you can do even at home to become an amateur scientist, too!

Resource Books from Loka Hatha Yoga

From Deepak Morris
The "Two Horses" Series

Books and Websites we have reviewed and recommend


  • http://sanskritdictionary.com/ Sanskrit English Dictionary
  • http://www.dharmamountain.org/ Local (Grand Junction) Zen Center
  • https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/index.html Some of the Pali Canon
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  • Uday Pai http://www.udaypai.in/
  • The White Hindu http://www.patheos.com/blogs/whitehindu/ 

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