What is Dana?
Dana is a word that most closely translates to "generosity."  But it implies both giving and receiving.  Sometimes Dana takes the form of money, or in-kind gifts, or even service.

Receiving Dana
Do you need help?  Requests for Dana may be made at the Ashram, or emailed.  Anonymous requests are accepted.

Giving Dana
Want to help?

Loka Hatha Yoga is a 501c3A Charitable Organization and Dana given is tax deductible.
Cash or In-Kind: Please bring to our Ashram during a class or puja.

Service: Please attend our Karma Yoga class, or any other class, and schedule service with a Teacher.

Checks: May be brought in person, or mailed.

Debit or Credit Cards, or Paypal: Please use the Paypal "donate" button below: