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Our blog has a new look and style! But don't worry: among our free books and free classes and other free resources, check out The Secret Knowledge of Yoga and The Logic of Buddhism, both of which have lots of your favorite and new sutras, shastras, puranas, lessons, and the "everything yoga" of our prior "incarnation" you loved.


We are very flexible.

We offer limited public services here, especially including sitting and doing nothing, and also when other sacrifices are required.  Of course, we are willing to accommodate those who need us to function on their schedule, rather than our own - let us know if you can't make it to a particular event, and we'll be flexible.  And you can participate in ALL of our activities remotely, by internet, phone or in other ways.

However, since it is an Ashram, and not a public facility, most of our public services will be offered off site - at Metta Yoga, until we have secured locations for our shrines and temples (we are beginning construction of these this year).

Metta is located at 1227 N 23rd St Grand Junction, CO 81501 Suite 105.

* Sitting and doing nothing: Mondays 12:30-1pm at the Ashram.  Or sometimes "nearby."  It is often a good idea to RSVP.

* Sitting around and doing nothing: weekly, semi-random times and places around Grand Junction, by RSVP only.
FREE!  Sit and do nothing with us for less than a half hour - we also sit and do nothing around Grand Junction, if you'd want to join us, or for any more information, or directions to our new location, lokahathayoga@gmail.com.  

It should be said that it is frequently best to call ahead, as "at the Ashram" may mean a place within a quarter mile of our door - and it is easy to miss everything not going on.

* Mantras and Movies, Satsangha and the Silver Screen: 6-8pm 3rd Fridays. Includes celebration of Annapurna Puja ($5).
FREE! Classes of satsangha, mantra, kirtan and lecture - instructed by, through and for the enjoyment of popular films. Annapurna puja ($5 - includes vegan dinner and drink) celebrated through the fun and educational evenings with your fellow yogi friends.

Monthly, on the 3rd Friday at 6pm, at Metta.  For our full schedule, please click here
To read lectures associated with each movie, please click here.

INSTRUCTION, TRAINING and PRACTICE * Public instruction in Yoga: 10am-12pm, Saturdays: the Secret Knowledge of Yoga.

* Private events: We need your help as volunteers to serve the community, whether becoming a Jail Yo-G at the Mesa County Jail, or in our numerous other efforts to address hunger, cleaning up trash and other beautification, recycling programs and other environmental efforts, cleaning up and beautifying the community, promoting interfaith friendship and cooperation, food drives, supporting civil services, supporting local businesses, local Dharmic centers, or in our various other efforts to ensure an adequate environment for the practice of Yoga.

* Temples and Shrines: We also need your help in establishing temples, shrines and ashrams in the Grand Valley and surrounding area to provide facilities for performing the yoga required for a restoration of the Dharma.  Volunteers will be trained in the necessary skills, which are easy to learn.

Support our work: in providing public altars, at the Mesa County Jail, in our environmental programs, food drives and other community services!  Provide a Buddha, Lingam, or any other idol (or donate $20 for us to obtain one for you)
To learn more about shrines, temples, and ashrams, please advantage yourself of our free books, classes and other resources.  Or keep up on our blog.  Or email lokahathayoga@gmail.com