What is Yoga?

Yoga is a practice of uniting body and mind, to strengthen both. It’s performed through Asanas, a word which means “rests.” Just as sitting is a rest from standing, so is standing a rest from sitting; stillness rests from movement, movement from stillness. Go to Temple and come home; go home and go to work, go to work and then go play. There are millions of Asanas, and it is both impossible to practice them all, and ill advised to.  Not all are suitable to your practice.
Hold not long enough, and you won’t benefit. Hold too long, and you’ll harm yourself – this you shouldn’t do. How long to hold an Asana? Svaha! Sufficient, enough, success – this is the secret knowledge by which Yoga is learned.
What is duty? What is Dharma? 
Yogi, some Asanas are easier than others, some work is easier than others. Discover your Dharma, your nature, your duty. Knowing your duty, you’ll be more ready and rested to do what is difficult and necessary, your Dharma, your nature. Sacrificing for this necessary work becomes easier, as any Asana does. Dharma permits work, Artha, - by tirelessly working the Yogi learns that the benefits of this difficult work, Artha, must be enjoyed, Kama.
A teenager attends to every strand of hair in a mirror before leaving the house: so should you exert self-control. This is Uma, the dock upon the waters of the waters of Dharma, our connection to Shankara, the One who sets their own path.  Develop insight for the purpose of self-improvement. Body and mind: it is by self-control one becomes a better person. Yoga is the literal “yoke” for this work. Yogi, learn self-control! Hold the reins and bear the yoke. Perfect your wisdom into contentment.

By Yoga one learns to give up, share, use up, exhaust. This is sacrifice, Yogi! A book has a back cover: put it down when done. Flex, and feel confidence in your strength. Your hard work awaits: seek success, and you will not fail.