Litter clean up during COVID-19

Our road clean up program was impacted by COVID-19, not only because we were unable to raise as many volunteers. 

A 2 mile stretch of road that was usually heavily polluted became so clean that we found only 5 pieces of trash.  A low place, surrounded by trees, which usually fills with garbage knee high or more, had only ankle-deep trash.  Parking lots and empty fields were cleared and remained clean.  The skies and waters were also clear.

The reason is that many people were remaining at home.  If everyone when they were out and about in the world lived like they were at home in it, there would be almost no pollution. 

It is a mark against us and terrible shame that our absence improves our world.

We clean up our world to restore the damage from and otherwise reconcile the criminal act of littering.  But the greatest work lies within: we must learn to not litter, and cultivate true love for our world, and all the people in it.