Yuyutsu, desiring to fight

Every human life which has ever been lived and which currently is lived is an expression of our shared humanity; when we understand the extent to which humans harm other humans, we begin to understand our nature is one of conflict.  It is important, this fighting, Yuyutsu, it is important to desire fighting.

Becoming desirous of fighting, we become curious about it.  We learn that parents and children fight, spouses fight, siblings fight, neighbors fight, friends fight, strangers fight.  They fight over imagined images of good and god, over economic resources, or even for no other reason than because they are irritable.  Aggression is borne of desire, desire of ignorance, but our desire for fighting, Yuyutsu, is not aggressive.  It is borne of blindness' doubt, impatience and fear.  

And we learn that after we have fought all our enemies and friends, we must fight ourselves.  And this is the proper point to direct our aggression: against the desire and ignorance that birthed it; this is the proper point to direct our fighting: against the blind doubt, impatience and fear which animated our spirit.  

Self-conquered, we can understand that our fighting need not be aggressive.  When we tire of violence and other criminality we learn it is by fighting our own nature that we may hope for freedom from it.  Even if we fail to overthrow that oppression, we are obligated to resist it in opposition.  It is far better to fail in our efforts than to not try.  For upon that freedom's day - a day we must understand will come - we will regret and be judged by the extent we compromised and collaborated, not by the natural inabilities.  Those who act out of Love, rather than blind doubt, impatience and fear are as readily forgiven as those who fail for lack of strength, rather than cowardice.

When we can see our common humanity in every person, we see their fighting, among and with themselves; in resonance, we must relieve them, and help them to safety and freedom.  For we ourselves desire that safety and freedom - our safety and freedom depends upon theirs.  This interdependence, this intelligent selfishness, this selfless love, is why we desire fighting, Yuyutsu.