One in Seven

It is said that upon giving birth to her first eight children, Ganga, the wife of King Shantanu, killed the first seven of them - and would have drowned the last if her husband had not intervened.  It was not the first time a parent killed their children, nor the last time a parent permitted the death of their child. Even disregarding the numerous times the actual river has taken the lives of its children, we cannot ignore the fact that even today, Kings callously permit the deaths of their children.  Or, as the case may be, Republics and Democracies do - where, instead of a King, all the People are morally responsible for the deaths that occur in their governance.

But neither should we ignore the fact that it was also not the last time a parent saved the life of their child.  And though King Shanatu permitted the death of seven of his children, there was merit in his saving the last. And if he had saved even one in the seven, it would have been worthwhile.