Love your enemies

Sharing is a fundamental skill to the practice of Yoga.  To understand that a fire can be shared we have to understand the infinite number of directions that light travels from the flame: in both two and three dimensions, the light travels uninterrupted north, south, east, west, up, down, and in intermediate directions from these six axes.  Furthermore, the fire emits light across the day and night, and in intermediate times between.  Every devotee needs to access the flame from a different direction, and at a different time, and so should there ever be conflict between devotees, it is likely the conflict arises because they share the same devotion, and whatever opposition they have is easily resolved - and the object of their ritual easily accomplished.

When we learn to share, we learn there are no enemies, no opponents.  Everyone has an interest in keeping the fire burning.  And if there are devotees present in all directions, and at all times, we may be better assured the fire will be kept safe.  If we love the fire, it is against our interest to limit access to the flame to anyone.

There is nothing which is not better when shared.  Even a small meal, insufficient to suppress hunger, is better when shared.  Work, no matter how little the honor in it, is better when shared.  When we share, we gain friendship and accomplish the purpose of our activity.

Though some worship one god, or another, though those gods may be opponents, even antagonists, they nevertheless may share the same fire, the same food, the same work, the same friendship.  For they share the same interests.  We should love and welcome everyone, even our opponents, even our antagonists, even our enemies, to share with us.

We should especially love and welcome our enemies, since they tend the fire from a direction we do not, at times we do not.