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Anahata - Heart Chakra, find your voice

Hata is a word that describes the result of striking - whether the sound or rhythm resulting from the striking of a drum, or the injury and death resulting from being struck.  But it is also a compound word, which intends the concept of the confrontational encounter: affliction, struggling, tormentation.  As such, it perfectly describes the violent sexual violation of a woman, and the resulting misery and devastation.  It describes the rapist cheating her lover of their potential child (by the rape impregnating the woman instead of her lover).  This theft shares the concept of "cheat" in a gambler's sense, rather than any disloyalty: unfair.  Hata is the merciless and cruel multiplication of misery causing misery, the endless cycle of distress. 

Ana- is the negation or absence of this hata, what in English would be rendered un-hata.  Anahata is not the opposite of hata - merely the absence of hata. 

This is the heart chakra.

What is the result of a drum which is un-struck?  What is the result of an absence of affliction, struggle and torment?  What is the result of a woman remaining unviolated?  What is the result of the absence of unfairness, and cruelty?  What stops misery from causing further misery?  What is the end of our distress?

Siddha-artha, skilfullness, is the end of distress: it is the means of Karma Yoga.  This skill is in friendship.  Friendship is not only the result of, but the means and purpose of the holy life.  Following our heart, acting with this love, this friendship, this compassion, is the means of becoming skillful (Siddhartha).  Skillfullness is the means by which we obtain our goals: it is the means by which we shape our habits, and master all the chakras (instincts).  Resulting in ajapa japa, japa without effort, effortless skillfulness.

When one is skillful, how can one be cheated of what is fairly theirs?  With a skillful opponent, every other player plays fairly.  When one is skillful, one will remain unviolated, untormented, unconfronted.  The drum will remain unstruck.  Skillful soldiers and dancers do not need the drum to tell them when to step, you do not require anything to tell you your duty. 

Let your heart guide your gut feeling (Manipura): you know the way without regret.  You know your Dharma.  Develop your heart and you will find your voice (Vishuddha)!