Learn about Hinduism and Buddhism

Our blog has a new look and style! But don't worry: among our free books and free classes and other free resources, check out The Secret Knowledge of Yoga and The Logic of Buddhism, both of which have lots of your favorite and new sutras, shastras, puranas, lessons, and the "everything yoga" of our prior "incarnation" you loved.

Silent meditation free-style

Come and sit around and do nothing with us - at the Ashram on Mondays from 10:30am to 11am. Silent meditation, free-style. Every tradition welcome. Tea is sometimes available before hand, beginning at about 10:15. But sometimes there is no tea.

We also sit and do nothing in other (semi-random) places and times around Grand Junction - email us at lokahathayoga@gmail.com or call (970) 778-2835 to get on a list of where we'll we'll be sitting and doing nothing this week. .

Soon, you can also come and sit and do nothing with us at Metta from 5:30pm until 6pm on Fridays. There will be (sometimes) tea available beginning at 5:15. Sometimes not.