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Now learn patience

By Yoga we learn that everyone does as much as they can to the ability that they can. When we find our own limits, we are able to see how we need to become more able - stronger and smarter.  Whatever adversity we find is our own fault.  And while this may appear adversarial, and frequently we are a cause of our own self-harm, especially in whatever obstruction we are now confronted by, there is good reason to trust we will eventually grow and overcome this, and all that would limit us.

However, until then it is necessary to temporarily tolerate your own faults: this tolerance is Ahimsa, the promise of non-harm, of safe passage, given to even such a constant enemy as our Self.  Learning to tolerate our faults helps us become more tolerant of others who are not always our reliable friends, and our world, which is frequently a hard place.  Eventually we come to see that the world is exactly as it should be right now, and though others may present to us adversity, they are not our antagonists.  We learn to even withstand our own distress.  This is Shanti, the peace of invulnerability, of invincibility.  It is possible to learn this invincibility and be victorious - and you will succeed, if you persist a little longer.

Have you yet learned persistence?  Then persist.  Do not feel distressed by your present inability.  You are doing enough to eventually succeed.  You struggle honorably, intent on success.  You have always honored your limits in the past by exceeding them when it was possible to do so.  However, now it is not possible - and that is acceptable.  You will grow stronger if you do not waste your strength on senseless fighting.  Patience is the means to your victory in this challenge - and in many others you must soon meet.  You have learned persistence.  Now it is time to learn patience by practicing tolerance.