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Certainty of success

It is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game which matters more to whether it is worthwhile and enjoyed.  Sacrifice attachments to winning and losing to obtain the truer prize of honor.

Some things are impossible to accomplish.  But the victory of success is never one of them.  The warrior who falls in battle may die, but remains unconquered.  The captive is defeated, but rebelling, disobedient and defiant remains unconquered.   The land and people who lose a war to be occupied are not necessarily conquered.  But a hero, the one with sufficient honor, will conquer, and sit (Asana) in this victory.  And would be worthy of their subjects.  Thus the victory blow, the strike which ends a enmity and fulfills the vow for which fighting was begun, is made not by destroying the opponent, but by winning their friendship.  Thus, the Yogi seeks to earn their own self-respect, and honor.