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GVIN blood - what makes us human

The Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN) are celebrating Grand Junction's first annual Interfaith Awareness Week (August 5-11, 2018) by encouraging the donation of blood, or other significant acts of friendship, love and kindness - and also enjoying a film together (on friday, August 10, 2018 at 7pm at the American Lutheran Church, 631 26-1/2 Road, GJ 81506). 

The idea was to show our similarities and give everyone in the community the chance to mutually support and work with each other despite considerable religious differences - celebrating not only our commonality of blood and humanity, but our neighborliness, and friendship.

The Buddha taught not everyone can or should give and share - whether blood, or their time for volunteering, their money, their food, or anything at all.  And while sometimes people who should give don't, sometimes people give who shouldn't. 

Developing the understanding of when to give and share, and when not to, and especially what is an appropriate and necessary gift is more important than the charity itself.  Eventually, you'll discover it is better to err toward generosity, and that everyone can give and share friendship, love and kindness.  And should.  With everyone.

But if you don't know whether you can or should give blood, nurses at Saint Mary's Blood Center (750 Wellington, Entrance 22 / North side of building) will advise you: while some people can't or shouldn't give blood, most can, and there IS a need for blood - not only here in Mesa County, but in all of America and the world. 

Blood's easily transported to where it is needed most. And though you can't be expected to pick up and go to every natural disaster or emergency scene to help out strangers in need, by donating blood, a part of you literally can. 

Giving blood, you never know who will get it: it could be someone you know and love, someone like you or whom you would like, or it could be someone you'd find despicable, or would disagree with in many ways.  Yet no matter how different you feel you are, it turns out you aren't so different you don't share the same blood.  And when you get blood, it is the same way. 

It is not our blood which makes us human, but what we do with it.