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Break down borders and divisions

Abraham Lincoln said it's inconsistent to advocate for any kind of freedom while curtailing the rights of others, even if they are born in different lands, speaking different languages than our own.  Lincoln developed policy ("the Act to Encourage Immigration of 1864") to protect immigrants and secure their freedoms of settlement and avocation.

The USA, the UN, and its other member nations, recognizes this same 13th Human Right to travel and avocation - it's not something which can be granted, nor taken away.  There does exist a right of individuals to travel within a country, to leave their country and return to it, even to change the country of their residence and work.  By violating this right we risk war, poverty, and national decline.

47 years ago, Vishnudevananda Saraswati, the "Flying Swami," began his first peace flights to defend this right.  Saying "all people are free as the birds," he challenged the illusory nature of national borders and demonstrated the reality of the human right to the freedom of travel, and advocated for the realities migrants face.  He flew through war zones to demonstrate the reality of peace, the illusory nature of aggression.  By breaking down our illusions we find truth. And peace.

The Flying Swami successfully bombed dozens of nations with flowers and messages of goodwill, and even twice flew over the Berlin Wall.  We cannot break down borders and divisions with guns, only with flowers and goodwill.  And it is in our interests to do so.  More, we have a duty to reach out to our neighbors in friendship, to travel, and welcome their travelers (and our newest neighbors and coworkers) in return.  If only to remember, we are all free and equal citizens of one Earth.