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Anguttara Nikaya 6.46: Sitting around, doing nothing

When Maha Cunda was staying among the Cetis in Sanjatiya, he observed some monks intently studying the Dharma to better direct their thoughts in meditation, others intently practicing the jhana meditation to observe their thoughts in meditation.  And he observed them disparage each other, saying that the other was practicing incorrectly; he saw them exclusively praising their own method of meditation.  So he instructed them that it was improper to praise or disparage one or the other method of meditation, that both methods were proper.  He taught them to praise each other: that the dharma monks should see the jhana monks as amazing people, dwelling touching the deathless within their own bodies; that the jhana monks should see the dharma monks as amazing people, penetrating with discernment the meaning of things. Anguttara Nikaya 6.46