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Anguttara Nikaya 5.73 - practice jnana

One of the monks there went to the Buddha Gotama, and asked, "you talk about 'dwelling in Dharma,' please explain and expound on this?"

The Buddha said,

A monk might study the Dharma, spending the day in study. This monk is keen on studying the Dharma, but does not dwell in the Dharma.

A monk might take the Dharma as he has heard it - faithfully! - and teaches it in full detail to another. He spends the day describing the Dharma. This monk is keen on describing the Dharma, but does not dwell in the Dharma.

A monk might recite the Dharma, and be keen on reciting the Dharma - but does not dwell in the Dharma.

A monk might think about the Dharma, evaluating it, examining it, keen on thinking - but not dwelling in the Dharma.

But there is a monk who, having studied, described it, thought upon it, lives according to what he has studied, described and thought upon. He dwells in the Dharma. But, understanding this is still not sufficient - it is not sufficient to dwell in the Dharma, monk. Practice jnana, monk. Whatever a teacher should do I have already done for you. You know what you must do. Exert yourself now: practice jnana, monk. Over there are roots of trees suitable for this, over there are empty dwellings also suitable for this.