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Loading the dice - pragmatic debate

The Buddha Gotama introduced a new form of debate, "loading the dice," "the safer bet," "cover all bets" - in the sense that one would bet on both red and black, odds and evens, one must presume that the argument presented is both true and false. Even an absurd argument could be correct under certain circumstances: discovering these limits of truth must become the purpose of argumentation.

For example it may be argued that one is not thirsty after drinking water, therefore water suppresses thirst. The safer bet would be to question when drinking water actually suppress thirst and when it does not to understand why and how.  Both argument and counterargument are true: the truth lies somewhere in the middle, where each becomes false.

Consequently, the method of pragmatic debate comes to develop not only a better understanding of the subject, but the reason for the disagreement between proponents and opponents.  Why does it matter if one can suppress thirst by water?  Is someone thirsty? 

Thus, argumentation is made only to develop major and minor premises: there is no necessity to debate inferences, deductions, inductions or undertake any other development of these premises.  And necessarily concludes when all premises are conditionally accepted.

This method of debate never develops deconstructive antagonism between proponents and opponents, but on the contrary cultivates constructive respect and friendship.  A candle may in fact light the darkness - but only to a small radius around the flame.  It is the purpose of argument to further extend this enlightenment.