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Loka Hatha Yoga offers free teacher training for yogis seeking to volunteer with the Sheriff's Office, or provide other public service. Your help is needed. Whether you have no prior experience, or lots of prior experience, we need your help.

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Kalki Purana 34

Beauty transfixes, and in that astonishment and wonder, there can be no fault: all faults are destroyed by that wonder and astonishment. This is why it is said, even thinking upon the beauty of the River Ganges removes every fault. Consider the extent of the banks of the River: simultaneously, playful birds splash and nest even while vicious crocodiles sport, sages bathe in the same water that laundry is washed. Ananta the Limitless Snake worships his Lord, while so many others go about their mundane business. Walking along the banks, swimming in the waters, cheerfully travel with the waters the length of the River from where it spills down in white-water from the frozen Himalayas to the ocean: see the the laughing waters as Her smile, the white swans in the adjacent ponds Her graceful movements, the waves Her caressing hands, the blossomed lotuses garlands adorning Her chest. The peaks themselves are like the breasts that nurse Her - and Her breasts at the same time, nursing the world: She destroys the mountains that bore Her, even as we ourselves destroy our own faults that made us who we are today. As the sons of Sagara were liberated from the faults of their ancestors, so may we ourselves be liberated.

She is known as the daughter of the sage Jahnu, She is known as Mandakini among the heavenly planets. She was produced from Brahma's pot of water, She was produced like a creeper from the seed of freedom - and is now confined to Her banks. So may our freedom confine us in safety and glory. Surrounded by Brahmanas who glorify Her, worshiped by all those who rely on Her, living and reciting the Knowledge of Her to Her, She flows through every world. She descended from the peak of Mount Sumeru at the feet of Hari and contentment and properness is Her descendent. Following in the footsteps of King Bhagiratha, She destroyed the pride of Airavata (Indra's elephant, who gave his head to Ganesh). She beautifies Mahadeva's crown. Her rapids fly like white flags on top of the Himalayas. Everyone who sees Her glorifies Her, every being is moved by Her beauty. And in that transfixion, in that astonishment and wonder, stand faultless before Her. This was Her purpose: to deliver all beings from the ocean of material existence. Everyone enjoys her waters, even those who cannot drink, or swim. Bathe in the beauty of the water, and conquer all your faults. Be conquered by Her beauty, and enjoy the benefits of freedom. Better yourself by meditating on Her. Serve Her, and always be victorious, master yourself.

Reside on Her shores, bathe in the pure water, say Her name over and over again, describe Her beautiful appearance and activities like an enamored lover, engage in such worship, and joyfully wander through the world, singing Her glories - and you will never leave Her behind. You will remain transfixed, in astonishment and wonder. Bathe in Her water, feel it enter you and pass through you. See every fault of yours and the world carried in that River, and see the purity of the water through those faults. Love Her. Live and die in Her waters. See your corpse being consumed by the birds, fish and other animals that reside in the pure waters of the Himalayas, thriving on the filth of the world. Every fault destroyed, merged with the water. See your corpse pushed, pulled, and rolled by the forceful waves, and broken. Who wouldn't glorify you in such a condition, torn from every fault, remaining in the water faultless? Consume every fault of yours, as She would.