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Free yourself - Kali Santarana Upanishad of the Krishna Yajur Veda

At the end of the Dvapara Yuga, Narada went to Brahma, and asked for instruction. "I can roam all the worlds, but do not know how to cross the coming age of Kali." To this, Brahma replied:

That is a good question. Soon you will no longer be able to hear the Vedas, soon will no longer even know them even if you could hear them. You will soon not recognize them, even if you could see them. You wish to know the secrets they keep hidden from you? Remember that the Vedas are but Narayana [Vishnu], and even if they were all to be known, even if they all could be said and understood, it would be like knowing, and saying, Narayana's name.

But Narada already was overcome by the coming age and did not understand. "The name of Narayana?  What is the name of Narayana?" Brahma explained,

Your ignorance continues to grow. You will soon be alone, entirely alone, in the age of Kali. But it is when the sun is alone in the sky, without a cloud, that it best crosses the sky and shines brightest. Do not fear the loneliness! Destroy your illusionary individuality.  See that the sun is never alone in the sky - for it is kept company by the sky itself. This is how you will know the name of Narayana.  This is how you will remember the Vedas.

But Narada, confused, insisted on knowing the name of Narayana. Again and again Narada asked for the name of Narayana. At last, Brahma replied:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

so that Narada might be released from his attachment to the question, and letting go of it thus, having no other attachments at all, become entirely free.

But Narada, having been freed from one question, was caught up in another. "What are the rules we should observe in the age of Kali? What are the rules we should observe in saying the name of Narayana? What are the rules for the Vedas in this coming age?" To this, Brahma replied:

It is when you have no rules that you seek them. It is when you are free that you are most easily enslaved. There are no rules for the saying of the name, for the saying of the Vedas. Whoever, whether pure or impure is always uttering the Vedas, uttering the name of Narayana, becomes like me, Brahma.  For I am always saying the name of Vishnu, I am always speaking the Vedas.

Narada began to listen carefully.  He listened for the name of Vishnu - and could not hear the Vedas.  Instead, he indeed heard Brahma saying the mahamantra. Hare rama hare rama rama rama rama hare hare krishna hare krishna krishna hare hare.  Narada asked, "But, how many times should it be said? To right what kind of my wrongdoing? How many times, if I should commit this kind of wrong, or that kind of wrong?  How can I live rightly?"

Brahma said, "Free yourself, Narada! Free from all your current wrongdoing! Say it even 35 million times, whether for theft or murder, for any wrong at all. Just give up all Dharma, Narada. Give up all Dharma, and be released in freedom. This freedom is the purpose of knowing and saying the Vedas.  This freedom is the name of Vishnu.  This freedom is the Upanishad."

Hari om tat sat. Om! May Narada's learning protect us both together, may we work together with great effort, may we be effective, may we not dispute, or hate each other. Om! This is how we shall have peace: I shall become peace, together with you: a force for peace acting on each other until we are free.