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Stand steady - Bhagavad Gita II, 42-53

Krishna said, the unwise take pleasure in the flowery words of the Vedas, saying "there is nothing else but this," when even "this" says it is nothing. Having cut the flower to enjoy it, they will never taste the fruit. Consequently, they are unsatisfied, filled with desire: they are driven by reward as their goal. With reward as their goal, they think in terms of reward, and think of all things as reward - or punishment.  They think that birth is the reward for one's actions, and do not understand birth is a kind of distress. Confusing disease and cure, they prescribe pleasure, and delude themselves in the narcotics of power - that they might know greater reward, and less punishment.

Know then that the Vedas only deal with the gunas. If you are beyond these, freed from the illusion of duality between good and evil, between right and wrong, between even pleasure and pain, you will never suffer thoughts like these. To such a Brahmana, to one who has gone beyond, the Vedas and all knowledge are as much use as a tank of water when and where there is a flood.

Like an ox who pulls the plow, you have no right to the products of your work. And frequently, there is failure in a crop, there is no right to the harvest - but the seed must still be planted, the plow pulled, the oxen worked. Do not let the fruit of your actions be your motivation, do not be motivated by reward. Remain steadfast in the yoke, in your effort, in Yoga: do not let yourself lapse into inaction. Abandon your attachments, sacrifice them and you will be balanced in success and failure. Such evenness of mind is the yoke you must bear. Therefore, give up thoughts of good and evil deeds, of right and wrong, of success or failure. Devote yourself only to the skill of your action. Go beyond. Beyond all wrong. Beyond birth. Free yourself from birth and evil.

If you will go beyond the Vedas (knowledge) you must fearlessly enter into the flood of experience.  When you have crossed beyond the flood, then you will be indifferent to the Vedas.  You will be indifferent to all the knowledge you possess, and all the knowledge you lack - as someone who has just crossed a flood has no desire for water.  Having covered the extent of knowledge, you will become as indifferent to knowledge as you would be to a tank of water covered by a flood. Discover the limits of knowledge, find the other shore. Then you will stand steady, having understood.