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Kalki Purana 30

Confused, some Brahmanas worshiped devas and even other beings.  Some Brahmanas even attempted to bewilder, trick and fraud the people to follow them in this false practice.  And some Brahmanas even conned the people that they might be worshiped them too, as if they were worthy of or deserved worship.  Kalki put a stop to all these con artists, and ended the frauds and tricksters, and corrected the understanding of the confused.  Then Kalki was able to rule and reside happily in Shambhala.

With the false practices were at last stopped, Kalki's father asked Kalki to perform a sacrifice to benefit all the world, that Kalki might demonstrate correct worship.  Kalki agreed, saying that to do so would certainly advance the economic development, recreational enjoyment and spiritual welfare of his people.

Kalki therefore first honored the sages - by seeking their guidance in this ritual.  By their advice, he selected a place between the Yamuna and Ganges.  Having ritually bathed, he gave sufficient dakshana.  He fed everyone a vegetarian meal: Agni's fire became the kitchen fire, and Agni the cook!  Varuna happily brought water to everyone.  Anila served the food.  All the beings of every world performed their duty in service of the ritual.

Then, Kalki himself arranged the entertainments: dancing, singing, and music!  In the joy, everyone received gifts and became wealthy.

Now, Rambha danced, Nandi played the musical instruments, and Huhu the Gandharva sang the melody.  Then the sages and true Brahmanas gave lyrics to the melody.  The lyrics evolved into narrations of the stories.  The stories brought focus onto the actions of great Kings - in honor of Vishnuyasa, Kalki's father, who commanded the ritual.

As this kirtan was perfected, it manifested Narada himself: one day, Narada came into the assembly, playing his vina, and singing.  He was immediately greeted with great honor by everyone present.  Vishnuyasa expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to honor Narada: for in honoring Narada, Hari is honored.  By Narada, the cycle of birth and death can be brought to end, Karma itself can be sacrificed: Narada is the captain who can bring a ship across the ocean of existence.

Standing before Narada at last, Vishnuyasa told Narada that it was his life's ambition to have that chance to ask Narada, "what is the purpose of a human life but freedom?  How can I become free?"

Narada was astonished.  "It is extraordinary that the father of Vishnu is asking me how to become free!  You, who have attracted Vishnu that he might play act the role of your son, ask me how to become free?"  Narada considered the question for a moment more, and then led Vishnuyasa away to a quieter place, to instruct him while the ritual continued.

"I will repeat to you what Maya once said to a living being when Maya saw that being desiring another body after giving up its old and useless one at death.  I think this story would benefit you, and encourage you toward freedom from the entanglements of materiality at this similar point in your life."

Narada said,

To converse with the being, Maya-dev assumed the form of an ordinary woman and said, "I am Maya, the destroyer of your life. Why then would you ask Me for another material body?"

The being said, "I want to have another material body because it is my only shelter.  Without one, how could anyone think in terms of 'I' or 'mine?'"

Maya said, "you only think that the body is the refuge of the self because your intelligence is polluted, intoxicated by the form that constrains it.  You are intoxicated by Me, because I constrain you: it is because I have limited your perception, it is because I have limited your existence, it is because I now destroy your life that you think the way you do, desiring to continue it: free yourself from Me, free yourself from your attachment to Me and the limitations I make for you, free yourself from My influence - you will attain greater understanding and see you have been mistaken.  You will mature beyond the necessity for My constraint.  Like an embryo is constrained by the mother's womb, like a child is sheltered by their parents, as you mature you must become free of Me."

The being said, "Maya, it is not I who must mature - but you.  Without me, your wisdom, your manifestations, your enjoyment would never sweeten, like a fruit harvested from the tree too soon that never matures."

Maya said, "even the unripened fruit is eaten by one being or another, and then digested, takes new form as part of that consuming being - as if the fruit never existed in the first place.  All beings move about like programmed machines, unthinking, full of action, because I am their motivation and the cause of their automation.  You are foolish - this existence, and all your past and future names and forms, is all because of me, and thus far indistinguishable from Me.  As an unchaste spouse chastises their faithful spouse, you criticize Me.  That you even beg to remain ensnared, that you are aware of your impending freedom, that you are aware of Me - this indicates you are already free, you have matured.  As a spouse renounces marriage, upon death, upon Sannyasa, you have reached another stage and must move on.  Darkness remains only in the absence of the sun - so too without Me you have no existence.  You are already beyond existence, beyond My reach.  Free yourself of your attachment to Me, however much you love Me.  Let go, as a cloud uncovers the sun."

The being was distressed.  "Mayadevi, you are like the bark of a tree: you try to separate what is inside from what is without, you remain unchanged even as the universe changes.  You see my form as separate from yours, but we are not so different: am I free from the nature you gave to Me?  My inclination toward Kama, Artha and Dharma remains.  Even through the impermanent nature of the body you gave me.  Are you and I no better for each other than the bark of a tree, or the walls of a house, a temporary shelter from the world?"

Narada said to Vishnuyasa "this is the same way you feel for your son, Kalki.  Yet Kalki is Vishnu.  Not only your life and soul, not only your son, but the son of everyone.  Try to understand, Vishnuyasa.  Try to let go.  Try to understand the Maya that intoxicates you: then you will live in this world, free of your son, free of Hari.  If you can see how you are being controlled by Maya, you will become free of the desire to enjoy the fruits of your Karma.  Genuine knowledge leads to detachment from, to the sacrifice of all material ambitions.  See Hari in the energy of all the universe, see the sustaining of the universe in Hari.  Is there a difference between spouses united in love?  Between any two beings united in love?  Fix your mind not on Kalki, nor on Hari, but the supersoul that is them both.  On that which is also you."

After instructing Vishnuyasa in this way, Narada circumambulated Kalki, and departed for KapilAsrhama.

Vishnuyasa then understood that Kalki was truly the manifestation of Hari and sacrificing his life, left for the Vanaprastha Ashrama.  His wife, Sumati, not understanding, but trusting, followed her husband into the forest.  Residing in BadankAshrama, they performed severe austerities in Bhakti Yoga, dying free, in the embrace of his courageous wife, who, carried by the heat of her husband's Bhakti, followed her husband into death, and freedom.

When Kalki heard of the news of the death of his parents, he made himself appear emotionally overwhelmed - tears rolled down his cheeks.  The two were burned in one pyre.  Kalki set an example of how to properly care for not only the bodies of the dead, but the dead and surviving.

Afterward, continuing to perfectly observe good conduct, Kalki continued to reside in Shambhala, with Padmavati and Rama as he continued to rule the Kingdom, continued to the completion of the ritual.

Now Parasurama, Rama with the Axe, arrived at Shambhala, desiring to see Kalki in the accomplishment of his Tirtha Yatra, to cheer him.  When Kalki saw his spiritual master, Kalki cheerfully greeted him, and fed him many delicious foods, giving him valuable garments, sitting him on an opulent couch.  After the meal, Kalki massaged Parasurama's feet, and spoke with gentle and sweet voice, "My dear spiritual master, by your mercy, I have accomplished the three purposes of life.  I have demonstrated correct ritual.  I have accomplished the ritual of My manifestations.  Now, as you know, My wife, has a request.  Please hear it."

Kalki's wife, being thus introduced, asked Parasurama, "how shall I receive a son?

Thus did Parasurama, with the desire to please Kalki, instructed Kalki's wife.