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Surrounded by enemies - Arthashastra VII

Every relationship has as one of its elements a degree of opposition, which can in either extremity manifest as enmity and hostility or in friendship and alliance.  Even spouses who dearly love each other will fight.  Even a person, whose self-interest is uniquely their own, will sometimes cause themselves harm.  Relationships evolve and change, and it is possible for an enemy to become a friend, or a friend to become an enemy.  Though this nature of enmity or friendship can be controlled to a degree, the goal of any relationship is not the development of friendship or obstruction of enmity, but one's own peace, security and happiness - which can be accomplished whether at war or at peace, and regardless of the nature of one's neighbors.

Know then, though you are surrounded by enemies and potential enemies, as well as friends and potential friends, you must rely on your own strength.  Though there is little to be done to defend yourself against an enemy who is intent upon your harm, and war is unavoidable, it is nevertheless possible to be strong enough to withstand such harm, and recover from any injury.  Since you cannot easily grow stronger, ending self-harm is necessarily most prudential and first course of action to be taken.  It is no use to have pacified your enemies if you continue to harm yourself.