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Give up Religion - Devi Bhagavatam

Freedom is of the spirit, and the spirit can be free anywhere, or bound anywhere.  Why, if you lived in the heart of a forest, without belongings or responsibilities, would you be free of the doubts that torment you?  The city, the forest, they are in the same world, made of the same materials.  What you imagine to be a less conducive circumstance to attain freedom may very well be the one that sets you free.

Every word you have ever spoken is of the same thought.  Without being initiated by any Guru other than destiny, repeat your mystic mantra - in your mind, whenever you are alone, and before you fall asleep.  Your mantra transforms your very nature, day by day.  Wander from one sacred Tirtha to another, until death comes for you and you will not find freedom until you seek it.

Even a good person born to a world of evil turns bad.  When the varnas are mixed so thoroughly that no one knows what their duty is, it is clear that anyone might be good - or bad.  When all have given up the strange rituals of creed and cult for atheism, still the dharma has not died out.  When all have given up on this atheism, still the dharma has not died out.  Arrogance, wealth, even viciousness can be virtues, even gentleness and truth can be weaknesses.  There is no peace to be found, but there is yet honor to be gained.

Who in all this world has conquered anger?  Not in any world, not even Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva.  The hearts and minds of all are restless, and therefore sometimes uncontrolled - for control requires exertion, and tires.  Yet you need not live like slaves to your wild nature: tame yourself.  Let lust, rage, greed and other wrong spring freely from your mind - they need not torment you, or control you.  Be content.  Seek satisfaction.  This is the motivation of non-action, the freedom from Karma.

Be content in your wrong, as much as in your right.  If a person steals bread during a famine, his wrong is not his own, but belongs to Lord Indra, the King, the breadgiver, the giver of rain.  Whose honor is it when you have done what is admirable?

Sit comfortably in your asanas, padmasana, svastikasana, bhadrasana, vajrasana, virasana, and your breath will be drawn in and expelled naturally, the entire body saying aum.  Heartbeat, breath, master your heart, master your breath, count the aums of your heart and breath and you need no other mantra.  When the yogi sweats, and experiences trembling, pranayama is mastered: the yogi rises from the ground content, having completed the asanas to their satisfaction.

It was out of compassion and mercy that Shiva first taught humanity religion, but religion does not conform to the vedas, and even contradicts the vedas.  Feel the anguish of this failure, and move beyond it to discover true Bhakti Yoga.  Abandon the images of the idols and yantras, abandon your religion.  Seek contentment, and be satisfied.