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Sacrifice Sacrifices - Aruni Upanishad

Om. Sage Aruna entered Brahmaloka, and still seeing no end to his effort, questioned if he might go too far, or if he had not gone far enough. In this hesitation of doubt, he questioned, "in what way can i bring a completion to all my efforts? What is the sacrifice, what are the conditions of its success?"

In answer, Prajapati, the protector, instructed Aruna in what had come before, Brahm, in the melody of the Vedas, that Aruna might successfully perform the sacrifice.

Give up, disown, disattach, renounce, sacrifice! Give up all that is subsequent if you seek what came first. Give up family and varna. Give up knowledge, even your search for knowledge. Give up your sacrifices by giving up the rituals regulating them, give up the books and authorities which establish those rituals. Give up everything in all the worlds. Give up righteousness. Throw your holy threads on the ground or in the water, you will not need them any longer. Having given up the grounds you argue from, even the ground you stand upon, lift yourself up with whatever crutch is handy, and wearing whatever clothing is at hand, ignite the sacrificial fires: light yourself on fire!

Ignite the fires in your own body, feel their heat. All you speak shall be the sacred mantras, hear their sounds in sound you utter. With every sound, shatter and break the vedas! Brahmachari, give up your begging bowl and straining cloth, all you think you need - return to the state you were in when you had no mantra, when you knew of no other world, knew no ritual. Grihasthi, give up all you have acquired, it was never and is not yours! Vanaprasthi, give up your retreat - there is no refuge, no safety!

Then know, "I am Brahm!" I am what has come before.

Realize all you have renounced within you.

When you can declare, even three times, "from me there is no fear (in word, thought, or action) of any being, for from me everything has proceeded," you will know "I am Brahm!" When you constantly utter the mantras, "you are my friend!" "You are my refuge, my protector, my strength!" to every being, when you constantly utter the mantras "from you I have proceeded!" to every being, you will no longer need any crutch. Every food will be medicine to you, even a loin-cloth will be fine clothing. You will be continent. You will be content. You will be self-sufficient, and need no helper in the sacrifices. You will become incapable of harming another, you will become incapable of accepting gifts, you will become incapable of theft, you will become capable of truthfulness. And you will become Brahm, your protector, Me.

Your duty is to merely sit or lie on the ground, giving up everything. Sacrifice lust, anger, avarice, infatuation, ostentation, haughtiness, jealously, all attachments. Give up your self, all falsehoods, all illusions. Stay in one place during inclement weather, and when the weather is suitable for travel, then you will wander alone, having given up even your last traveling companion. Always a stranger, gaining no reputation, gaining no honor, accumulating no things. And then one day you will give up even such travel, and remain alone, without anything to give up - even a single traveling companion. Give up even your begging bowl - you need only your palms, or your stomach, for food. Give up all mantras, Om will remain in your body. Give up your crutches, become a hero!

The end of the Vedas is giving them up; the end of giving them up is giving up giving them up. Sacrifice sacrifices. Awake from your ignorance of truth. Truth is the only fire to kindle. See from one end of the sky to another. Let your body and mind grow in strength, do not deny your beginnings, make them your destiny. Do not deny your doubt. Do not deny yourself peace.  Warrior, do not deny your world peace.