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Injustice - Arthashastra III, 1

There are four societies (Varna), four stages of practice (Ashramas) and thus four systems of law. Dharma, Vyavahara, Caritra and Rajasasana: but it is power, and power alone, that is the means to Justice. The very nature of a person, their sacred duty, their Dharma, inspires a concept of justice - but Justice, however well conceived, is subjected in great part to its administration. This power, Vyavahara, is the law that permits trade and business, and is the spirit by which justice is habitually administered. Yet Vyavahara, administration, is subjected to the power of character and honor, Caritra, as an oar is the power that both guides and moves a boat: without character, without honor, any administration of justice is directionless, and weak. And so is Caritra subjected to the power of instruction. For law without the effect of improvement, of self-control, devoid of logic and rationality, results in injustice.

Injustice is a contradiction between the systems of laws. For without logic and rationality, or the effect of improvement and self control, there is a contradiction to the theory of honor; without honor, there is a contradiction to the theory of administration; without administration, there is a contradiction to the theory of justice itself.