Free teacher training

Loka Hatha Yoga offers free teacher training for yogis seeking to volunteer with the Sheriff's Office, or provide other public service. Your help is needed. Whether you have no prior experience, or lots of prior experience, we need your help.

We invite you to participate and contribute. Contact, or (970) 778-2835 for more information

Celebrating George Carver

We celebrate George Carver.  Carver taught that the quality of our lives depends wholly upon the manner by which we continue it.

He said, "Be clean both inside and out. Neither look up to the rich nor down on the poor. Lose, if need be, without squealing. Win without bragging. Always be considerate of women, children, and older people. Be too brave to lie. Be too generous to cheat. Take your share of the world and let others take theirs."

Utilizing the most advanced technology and science, Carver innovated not only peanut butter, but improved existing industrial processes for paint, fuel, and explosives, and hundreds of other products, to ensure they could be produced in an environmentally friendly and financially efficient manner.

Carver's innovative development of peanut "butter" expressed the purposeful hope for an affordable and ecologically friendly economy, and a nutritious plant-based diet.   Because of his work in modern medicine, and especially dietetics, it is presently possible to eat a healthy vegan diet through artificial supplementation.  This diet is both more affordable and environmentally friendly.

Understanding that success depended on a process of least-cost, he conceived of a society founded upon the principles of non-violence, least-force.  He fought for a civilization free of racial and social stratification. Consider the means by which you may continue his brave work.