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The Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers need help

After contacting Anne Landman for information about the bigotry and prejudice they face, we received some "blog posts" of the experiences of Atheist children in the school districts nearby.

What she does not mention is what i heard at their meeting - that a child in Mesa County Schools recently was asked by a classmate why she did not say "Grace." Her answer, "I do not believe in God" was overheard by the Cafeteria Staff, who then forced the child to say grace "because God created the world and this food."

"We need other groups to back WCAF in asserting that there are problems in mixing religion with local public schools and local government as well as problems with other local entities, like the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, related to religious discrimination. " said Anne Landman, for the Atheists.

Atheists are not the only ones who do not say a blessing of thanksgiving over food, or refuse to pledge their national allegiance to God, or who do not pray, to Jesus Christ or any God. Upon final reflection, many religious faiths would find some common ground with these Atheists. The Yogi can in their disbelief many similarities to Vedasamnyasa. And even if we did not, we should at least admire their honorable fight, and their indomitable spirit.

It would benefit all of Grand Junction to help the Atheists in their efforts. If only because the bigotry and prejudice they face could easily and quickly be turned against any of our other faith communities, and it is a common faith practice among all our members to defend the religious liberty of others - even the right to choose not to hold faith, since a willing and heartfelt belief is core to the teachings of every faith.

Besides this, it is a profound opportunity to share in the honor of their struggle: their community's defense is worthy of our effort. It is a measure of good conscience to permit - to the fullest extent it is possible - the necessary freedom of our fellows.

It is possible to be moved to pity and sympathy for these good people. Pity and sympathy prevent a completion of the sacrifices and practice Yoga, and prevent a Yogi from undertaking any of the other dictates of our own conscience, when these Atheists do not feel secure to openly profess their beliefs. It is unDharmic to mix politics and religion, or business and religion. It is the duty of every Yogi to defend this separation of duties and restore the Dharma.

But most importantly, permitting these Atheists to focus on something greater than the survival and intergenerational continuity of their own community would give a valuable ally in our common fight against hunger, and the other distresses in the community: they, too, feed the poor, and clean trash, and even seek to provide greater community services than these. Having such a friend is advantageous.

Contact Loka Hatha Yoga, or directly with the Atheists ( to learn how to advocate for and aid the Atheists.

The "blog" posts follow.

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July 10, 2016
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Here’s some info about religion in the schools locally:

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March 29, 2015
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March 4, 2014

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May 13, 2013

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