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Karma Yoga (Bhagavad Gita III) - Not by non-action

It is not by non-action, but by action, that one performs their duty, their nature, their Dharma.  The Karma Yogi takes hold of their body and mind, and feeding them, strengthens themselves.  As the beings which serve as food sacrificed strengthened themselves to strengthen the Yogi, the Yogi strengthens themselves too for the strengthening of the world through self-sacrifice.  Whoever should feed their body without giving their body for the strengthening of others is a thief, taking without giving in return the price demanded. 

Thus, continually sacrificing themselves, the Yogi undertakes action without self, selfless action; this action always in the form of service, of sacrifice.  Such selfless sacrifice is Karma Yoga.  This cycle, of one being sacrificing themselves for another's food, for another's strength, this web of life, a chain of food, is an eternal and continuous sacrifice, it is the wheel of Dharma, it is Brahma!  Such a chain of food, chain of Dharma yokes all beings.  Even plants, without conscious intention, perform such Dharma; they strengthen themselves, and in doing so provide strength to others.  What better sacrifice can the Yogi make, understanding their duty, yoke their self to the sacrifice required of them?

Whoever rejoices in the self, and would withhold the self-sacrifice, attempts non-action, non-sacrifice.  This is senseless and futile: they cannot avoid performing the actions of their Dharma.  It is the nature of self, the Dharma of self, to be sacrificed.  Therefore, do the action which must be done without hesitation or doubt.  The sacrifice must be venerated before laid upon the fire: even the one who attempts non-action, to withhold self-sacrifice, is performing the rituals required of them and will, soon, complete that which is required of them.  The wise, understanding this, act without attachments, without self, and perform perfect sacrifice by venerating self understanding its Dharma.

Renounce in Sannyasa all your actions in the Dharma, in Me.  Free from hope of success or fear of failure, understand the endless nature of sacrifice, understand Brahma through your Dharma, through Me.

Better is one's duty, one's Dharma, one's Nature, though devoid of merit, than another's well discharged.  Better is death in the performance of this duty than a long life performing the duties of another.  Better to die in such courage than live afraid: whoever is mastered by fear is not free, nor is any who does not freely achieve the purpose of their nature.  Yet, some are impelled against their Dharma by desire, aversion and hatred.  Yet understanding that these have power only over the self, the Yogi gladly performs the self-sacrifice, and is freed from desire, aversion and hatred.

The warrior, in performing their duty, knows their true enemy, strengthens themselves sufficiently to slay their self.  So do the other castes similarly strengthen their selves to perform self-sacrifice, according to their Dharma.