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Bhagavad Gita 14 and 15 - leaving the path

Krishna said that when contented with pleasure into non-action, one risks that Sattva prevails.  When one would seek pleasure by avoiding pain, one risks that Rajas prevails.  When overcome by the delusion that pleasure has been obtained and pain avoided, one risks that Tamas prevails.

When Sattva is dominant over Rajas and Tamas, wisdom will prevail: for wrong non-action is the means by which to understand what is wiser than wrong action.  When Rajas is dominant over Sattva and Tamas, wisdom will prevail, for by restlessness and energy one may develop and evolve.  When Tamas is dominant over Sattva and Rajas then one does not grow in their practice, yet wisdom will prevail, for there is discontent in such stagnation.

The fruit of Sattva is right action (and the wise understand non-action is action, and action is non-action, whether right or wrong).  The fruit of Rajas is pain - and by discontent one discovers non-action.  But the fruit of Tamas is the ignorance which births Tamas: Tamas is self-perpetuating, and this is the seed by which an understanding that there must be something more grows.

Thus, in the three Gunas, one finds the beginning, the sustaining and preservation, the ending of distress.  Grow even beyond the end of distress, and by discovering what is beyond these three Gunas, what is not-Guna, understand what I am.  Understanding there to be no difference between the Gunas, that they are one endless path, and what lies beyond the path, one may understand Me.  Leave the path, to the wilderness beyond, do not travel on and on, endlessly! Understanding Me, one manifests my Dharma, My nature, My duty.  Serving Me, performing My duty, manifesting Me, one improves their nature sufficiently to undertake the path of becoming a Brahmin.  For I am Dharma; I am every Dharma. 

Understand the subtle logic: whether you know what is right, or only what is wrong, both are Proofs, both are Truths: for falsehood is provable as much as truth.  As the three Gunas in their cycling form a single path, one which may be left to find Me, so do right and wrong form a single path, to Me.  Whether one comes forth as an enemy of the world for its destruction, or its preserver, in faithfully performing their Dharma they perform My duty, for I am Dharma itself.  The evil doer destroys their Self, as does the good doer, but in different ways.

Thus, cycling from existence to existence, bound in Samasara, one never wanders endlessly, for eventually all come through Me to Me, through Time to the end of Time, the beginning of Time.  All existence ends and begins with Me, with Dharma.  As you understand what is greater than the Gunas, understand what is greater than existence.  What is greater from Dharma.  Liberate yourself from existence, from good and evil, understand the subtle logic, and do what is good for your Self.  Free yourself from Me.  Sacrifice your Self, sacrifice the Vedas, sacrifice all the scriptures, let them go - and discover true faith.  Discover Me when you sacrifice Me.  Let Me go.  Seek no happiness in your goals.  Understand what is beyond happiness.  The path to Me, to this wilderness of which I speak, is found by knowing what is said in the Ordinances, and letting them be an authority.  Follow the path if you would leave it, if you would renounce it, and sacrifice it.  Understand this subtle logic: what is let go of must first have been taken up, what is to be sacrificed must be first obtained.