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Bhagavata Purana - Samkhya Yoga

This is what Vishnu said to Kapila.

Do you want to be free of love and hatred, the slavery of the senses and their endless torment of desire, to be free of the feelings of "I" and "mine," of self and possessions that rule your life?  Do you want to be free of attraction and revulsion - of all the oppressive emotions that tyrannize and terrorize you?  Do you wish to see beyond the veil of ignorance you have drawn across your eyes?  Do you want to be free of the endless procession of becoming and ending?  Are you yet weary of this prison, of Samsara?

Many Yogas lead to this freedom.  Samkhya Yoga has led to this freedom from ancient times.  In ancient times, it was learned that it is the mind that causes bondage - and liberation.  When the mind becomes attached to the objects off the senses, it becomes embroiled in Prakriti, in unmanifested potentiality: the anticipation of ending and becoming is the basis of the three Gunas, the chains that bind you and torment you.  The three Gunas are Sattva (Brightness, orderliness), Rajas (Confusion, activity), and Tamas (Darkness, chaos).  These three Gunas cannot be balanced, and sooner or later, one Guna comes to dominate, and you become entangled in concepts of this and not this.  This forms the basis of all instinctual reactions of pleasure and pain.  This makes you restless, peaceless, and emotional.  You become bound in the world of Ahamkara, the self, by wrongly understanding something as not-self.

But should you instead turn your mind from the senses, and instead turn your mind inward, you will find Me, Purusha.  Your mind will calm as all impurities fall away from it.  There becomes nothing to avoid or seek.  There is neither this nor not this.  You will understand detachment, Sannyasi.  Understand that even the Atman is "this," and Anatman is "not this."  You will understand detachment makes its own bonds - and loose yourself from them.  You can become free, even from Freedom.

This is the perfection of Bhakti Yoga: the power of realization.  The mind by itself is neither good nor bad, turn it outward to desire the objects of the senses and it binds.  Turn it inward and it unbinds.  For there is nothing there to bind to.  The illusion of the self, the Atman, is the key to your freedom.  Turn your mind to Me, Narayana, and all your obstacles will be broken.

Yet it must be a gradual path: the company of satsang, though, will hasten your progress.  And if you ask who these true Sadhus are, whom you satsang should be composed of, seek those full of compassion.  The sufferings that plague other beings, both physical and mental, do not affect these true Sadhus.  They are kinsmen to all other beings, they have no enemies.  They are always calm, in the face of even the most severest trials.  They are always courageous.  They never waver from the path of Dharma, but perform their duty without hesitation.  They are unattached to all things of the world, they are senseless.  They are ornamented by their honor, their character.  Being with such Sadhus whose only preoccupation and concern is with Me will remove your own attachments, for it is the nature of the mind to be influenced by its environment, and companions.  This is the purpose and use of Satsang: produce the environment and company conducive to your success.

Hear My stories, cheer your heart!  Discover true pleasure, that which makes you seek the nature and cause of joy.  Understand joy, and you will understand the purpose of Bhakti Yoga and all devotion: it is conducive to your success.

Satsang leads to Rati, Pleasure, and Rati leads to Bhakti.  Bhakti lights the darkness, and illuminates the path of freedom.  If you seek freedom, seek Me, seek the source of your Self, illuminate the darkness and see the illusion.  Seek the source of joy.  You will naturally become detached from the world of samsara understanding your senses, and their purpose.  Do not act on illusion, act on logic, and reason.  Even in the midst of illusion, in the mists of Maya, even in your bondage, you will be free!

I am always with my Bhaktis, they see Me everywhere; their senses are filled with Me, understanding Me.  And by such understanding they obtain Moksha, whether they wanted it or not.  They have become deathless.  Even My weapon, the Chakra, the Wheel of Time, the Wheel of Dharma, which grinds all things down, is powerless against these Bhaktis.  To my devotees, I am all things.  Thus they have no fear of anything.  Great and small, gentle and terrible, all that is sensed, are Me.

I am Nirvanatman, the one Free of Freedom, my Bhaktis become Freedom itself.  Beings perform their Duty, their Dharma, in diverse ways.  And those who perform their Duty desire nothing more. To perform their Duty truly, they ignore illusion, and by logic and reason, and become free from all distress.