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The Purpose of the Buddha's Enlightenment - Kalki Jayanti

Illustration by the talented Nina Paley
Kalki is filthy, wicked, fecal, deceitful, disgusting, not someone you'd associate with. Agitated, excited, playful, frolicing, sporting, boistrous - like an adolescent maturing.  Cherishing, devoted, worthy of devotion.  Like we might see ourselves. Can you love yourself?

Kalki is the Satyayurga, and can accomplish sacrifices others presently cannot.  If you could live in the Satyayurga, if you lived in the future, would you travel back in time to today and set things right? Time is an illusion, but your duty is not. Remember the people you knew, all the beings and places you knew, and return to help them. Travel to every time and place, and set things right.

But could you help yourself? Would you be your friend?

Kalki is the next manifestation of Vishnu, the result of perfecting the teachings of the Buddha Gotama, the previous manifestation of Vishnu - for manifesting Kalki was the purpose of the Buddha's enlightenment, just as the Buddha achieved Krishna's purpose.  There is a purpose to the ending of sacrifices.  There is a purpose to the giving up of religion.  Atheism is only a step in the journey.  Even as a temple is but a step in the journey from and to your home.  

The Story of Kalki
A long time ago, there was war between the gods and demons. The demons managed to defeat the Devas, who in defeat sought the protection of Vishnu. Vishnu assured them, Vishnu would manifest as a Buddha, the son of Shuddhodana. As a Buddha, Vishnu would restore the Dharma: then, all the demons, indeed all beings, would become Buddhists and live contentedly in their own worlds (lokas), at peace. The Devaloka would be restored to the gods by the demons, who would willingly give up all possessions; even the vedas would be given up.

Vishnu would manifested as a Buddha at the end of the age of Kali, when people lost the path of the Vedas. They became criminals, violating their duties - and concerned only with Artha, disregarding Dharma and Kama.  They become robbers and plunderers. When even the Kings neglected their own laws, they began to devour each other, sustaining each other like cannibals.

But Gotama turned the wheel of Dharma, his weapon, the Dharmachakra, and already the transformation is underway.  Once the Dharma is restored and all the worlds were at peace, Vishnu will again be manifested - this time as the son of Vishnuyasha, the "enjoyment of Vishnu," in Shambhala (an Asana name: place/time/action). The sage Yajnavalkya would be Vishnu's priest, he will be instructed and armed by all the previous avatars of Vishnu, and the four Ashramas and four Castes would be restored when all beings begin to again venerate the sanctity of words, and become righteous. This will utterly destroy all doubt and unbelief, all criminality will be destroyed. This will be the dawn of the Satyayurga.

Manifesting Kalki
Krishna, the manifestation of Vishnu precedent to the Buddha, taught a method of Vedasamnyasa, of renouncing the Vedas: this is not Atheism, for it is an act of renouncing not only Theism but also Atheism.  It is a total detachment from spiritual materialism, a rejection of superstition for reason and logic.  Ritual is but a tool by which we can strengthen ourselves, and others.  To properly renounce the Vedas requires taking them up: just as it is impossible to relax from an Asana without having taken it up, or to permit a sacrificial fire to extinguish itself without having ignited it.  This requires understanding the Dharma instructed by all previous manifestations of Vishnu.  This is the vedanta.

Follow in Vishnu's footsteps; manifest each avatar in its place, and discover the unspoken truth, the hidden and secret knowledge of Kalki for yourself.  Indeed, move beyond belief in things like separate times, and spaces separated by distance, reality is both tangible and may be fully explored: you are an explorer, this is your purpose, exploration.  This is not to say that they cannot be explained or expressed, only that the path leading to them is full of wonders which you will find words inadequate for - and as you will find, as with any Tirtha, pilgrimage, the journey (Yatra) is as important as the destination.

Seek the magical weapons your past and future selves hold for yourself; take joy in your being, disgusting as it may seem to you - and and destroy your own criminality; take Yajnavalkya for your personal Priest, study the secret knowledge and bring an end to the Vedas to restore your Dharma.  Then, like Kalki, you will have transformed your former criminality to become your vehicle.  Upon this white horse, you can ride forth from Shambhala with your flaming sword held high, to free the world, to rescue the gods and all the beings from their Karma!

Kalki's name connotes "wrong," a "filth" or "paste," "fecal odor," "dirty," "deceitful," like what is found at the bottom of a sick, tepid pool of water - someone you "would not associate with."  On such a journey as is required of you, you will become filthy and roadworn and weary.  Can you remain boisterous, and ever-loving?

It is a journey not only worth taking, but one which you must take: do not ever forget, victory in Yoga is your birthright.  Now is the time to lay claim to what is yours.  Success, Yogi!