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The Proxy War - Brahma Vaivart Purana 9.30

On the banks of a river there lived many birds. Among them was a dove, whose name was Anuhrada. His wife's name was Heti. Anuhrada was Yama's grandson. Not far away, there was an owl named Uluka. His wife's name was Uluki. Their entire flock of owls descended from Agni. The owls and doves had become enemies, and were constantly fighting.

To help them in their fight, they asked their gods for help. The doves asked Yama for help, and were given weapons.  The owls were given weapons and help from Agni.  Thus the two Devas came to be in a war: first by proxy (through the struggle of the doves and owls), then as each god was responsible for the harm to the other Deva's family, with each other.

With each intervention by the Devas, as they gave more and more help, the war grew more and more vicious, with strikes resulting in counterstrikes, and even attacks on nests, fledglings and eggs. Non-combatants were harmed, and entire stretches of the banks of the river were destroyed, involving others in the combat.  Soon, all the world would be burned by war!

 At last Yama and Agni intervened one last time. They persuaded the owls and doves to forget their hatred, and live together as friends - as Yama and Agni had.

The place where treaties of peace were agreed to became a place of pilgrimage. Where the doves welcomed friendship with the owls became named Yamya-tirtha; where the owls welcomed friendship with the doves became named Agni-tirtha.

Now, this may seem a childish and simple story - until it is considered just how easily our nation finds itself in proxy wars, harming the families of our friends.  And how easily we find ourselves, in our own private lives, engaged against the interests of our friends.  City and County, liberal and conservative, rich and poor - we senselessly divide ourselves in enmity, through aggression.