Strength of Will is Irrelevant - Bhagavad Gita XVIII, 59

Krishna said, "If, filled with egoism, you think 'I will not fight,' such resolution is only vanity. Your nature will compel you against your will" (Bhagavad Gita XVIII, 59). There is no strength to the will and resolution of the human spirit which can be broken merely by hunger, thirst, fear, cold, heat, or other comforts and discomforts, or even baser instincts. Speculation on the freedom of that will is rendered irrelevant by the karma, the action, by which all are bound to take through their Dharma, their nature, their duty. Better it is to consider our ability to change our nature, that we need not be compelled by comfort and discomfort, or any base instinct. It is by self-control that we become Brahmans.