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Manifesting an Avatar of Parvati - Book 7 Chapter 40 Srimad Devi Bhagavatam -

Parvati said that She is manifested by waking and getting out of bed early (earlier than one normally wakes). At this point, like a thousand lotuses, the foremost of your mind should be filled with memory of your beloved, at their moment when they were most beautiful, with their consort(s) and/or attendant(s) (including you); fill yourself with love and admiration. This will permit you to take refuge in the highest Shakti Kundalini (latent energy), the Dharma of consciousness, manifested as Chaityana (consciousness of objectification) up-going the Brahmarandra (sensation of sensation, the apertures of the self), filled with awareness of the beloved: in other words, remembering your beloved at their most beautiful permits you to objectify them, idolize them, and use the energy of your idolization. This energy is the manifestation of the blissful nature of Parvati; the desire to merge with the beloved raises awareness of the separation required to serve the beloved.

Now, become aware of your separateness. Take care of your self, as you are important to your beloved: answer the calls of nature, bathe, complete Sandhya, Bandanams and other duties. This is the Agnihortra Homa (ritualized sacrificial gift of nutrient, commonly undertaken twice per day) to Parvati. This is the way Sankalapa (more than the vow or determination required to perform Puja, it is the architecture of the conditions required for success) is matured. Next, purify the the elements of your body (perform Bhuta Suddhi: mastering karma, so that your past need not fully dictate your future; it is here performed as a pause, a break) by respiration, arrange the letters and sounds of the mantra to master Maya (become free and in control of its illusion) to execute the Hrillekha Matrika Nyasa: I am every form of Matrika, every female form, every consort, the act of consorting. Devote every part of your body, every element of your form, every one of your forms to me in Nyasa. Finishing the Nyasas, it becomes understood that you are surrounded by paths of adharma, ajnana, avairagyam, ariddhi - each are like the compass directions themselves, leading toward you, leading you toward Dharma, Jnana, Vairagyam and Riddhi. Like a mountain, the world lies under your feet; like a mountain, you are master of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Sadasiva and Isvara. You are where you should be at this moment, the end of your paths.

The elements of existence will become blurred into waking, dreaming, deep sleep, the higher jnanas; the jnanas are achieved, and you become aware of Brahma as I am, the consort of every existence, the force of form. This will inspire Japa: recite My name slowly, make a reminder of Me for yourself when your strength falters and you fail your Japa. This idol should be sprinkled with the sound of exasperation and exhaustion ("Phat" or "Phut") as the Japa fails; close the ten worlds by venerating your beloved. Meditate on your veneration until you find that it is love, then offer the gifts and sacrifices, your service of devotion. Meditate on attendance by contemplating the nature of Prabha (illumination) which occurs through devoted service. Then you will be ready to serve all beings as your beloved, as I serve all beings.

Enthralled with joy, every act of service and duty is cause for dance and singing: this glorifies the Veda Parayana, for it sacrifices your everything with your body to joy.

You will feed the Brahmanas, the Brahmacharis, the rich and the poor, thinking them all so many forms of your beloved; having manifested Me, you will see yourself as Me, your beloved as Me. Every being will bow before you, as they would to Me, for they will see you as Me. Merging with Me from your separateness, by your service, you will realize all which is possible, and eventually attain every goal you strive for.

Hrim is the essence of My mantra; like the many animals which live in the Ganges become part of its holiness and cause its holiness, and are the Ganges itself. If you can only do this once per week, Friday is the best day for it. Consider the meaning and purpose of these rituals, and you will understand how to adapt the practice to your particular Adhikara (claim), attaining your goal.

It is impossible to teach this ritual to those who are my enemies, or those who are cunning. As only a baby will nurse from their mother's breast (whether adopted or by birth), it is as useless and wrong to reveal this ritual to those who bear enmity to any other being as it would be to uncover a mother's breast to any but her baby, for neither baby nor mother will consent to the nursing. My disciples, My Bhaktas, are like the favorite child to me. I am like the mother of a household, rising early to serve Her family. Such service manifests good will, beauty, and devotion.

What is the goal, the purpose of this ritual? My manifestation (Parvati) will become Gauri, and Shiva loves Her, as She had been, as She was, as She would become, in all forms, always changing, never changing. Kartikeya (Parvati's son) was born of this constant love, and took form as a Deva, like His mother. Kartikeya destroyed the Tadaka Asura, because of such love, even before Gauri was known.