Kroncha, Ganesh's Mouse

Ganesh rides on a mouse.
No, not that kind of mouse.
Kroncha is the vehicle of Ganesh. Kroncha was a clumsy God, who was always accidentally bumping into others, and stepping on toes. Kroncha was also very untactful. One day, he was cursed to become a mouse, so that if he ever bumped into someone or stepped on their toes again, he’d at least not cause them any harm – and he’d be so small and quiet it wouldn’t matter if he was untactful. Ganesh is not clumsy, but is not delicate, either. Ganesh breaks down all obstacles in his way, and needed just such a vehicle: Kroncha helps Ganesh’s indelicacy at least not cause harm. When Ganesh met Kroncha (now a mouse), it was because Kroncha accidentally bumped into Ganesh and stepped on his toes. Ganesh understood the potential for Kroncha immediately, and taking out his lasso, threw it around Kroncha’s neck and leapt on – and has ridden Kroncha as a vehicle ever since.