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Birthday deathday Udana 5.2

While Gotama was staying near Savatthi at Jeta's Grove, in Anathapindika's monastery, Ananda, emerging from seclusion in the late afternoon went to Gotama and sat with him. It was near to the Buddha's birthday, near to the deathday of his mother. After a while, Ananda said to Gotama, "It is amazing that though your mother died so young, so soon after you were born, though she knew she would not rear you, she nevertheless died content and at peace." Gotama said, "that is the way it is, that is the nature of the mothers of all Bodhisattvas: even should they die within a week after childbirth, even should they not rear their child, they will die contented, confident in their success. This is the nature of birth for a Boddhisattva."

The Buddha then sang quietly, "all those who have come to be, all those who will be - all - all will go. They will leave their body behind. The skillful person, understanding that they will lose all that is their own, understanding all will go, will live in the renouncement of Sannyasa, ardently."