Anguttara Nikaya 2.125 - 2.126, Majjhima Nikaya 43

The Buddha Gotama said right view arises from two conditions: insight, and external awareness. Wrong view, similarly, arises with lack of insight, and lack of external awareness.

But right view is not the only result of insight and external awareness. To develop insight and external awareness into right view requires five factors: right or ethical conduct, learnedness, logical argument of internal or external analytical dialogue, tranquility, and understanding.

The factor by which these five factors to develop right view from insight and external awareness is the "voice from another world," the voice of Brahma. The voice of Brahma, in the world of Brahma, Brahmaloka, can be heard from a Buddha, or perceived through practices of Brahmacharya, Temple Practices, and joyful friendship. Together, these are the foundation of the monastic fellowship subsequently described by the Buddha Gotama.