Free teacher training

Loka Hatha Yoga offers free teacher training for yogis seeking to volunteer with the Sheriff's Office, or provide other public service. Your help is needed. Whether you have no prior experience, or lots of prior experience, we need your help.

We invite you to participate and contribute. Contact, or (970) 778-2835 for more information

The final test

In the Agni Purana, Vishnu was asked by the defeated Devas to restore them to Devaloka. But this required restoring every world. After numerous rebirths, Vishnu's means toward accomplishing this was made possible. The Avatar of the Buddha Gotama restored the castes: teaching that it is not by birth that one is a high caste, a "supreme man," a "superman," a Brahman, praised by Indra and Brahma, but rather through self-control and righteousness one becomes a better person, he and countless squadrons of Liberators restored the Dharma by restoring society; they freed every being to pursue this self-improvement required for the freedom from suffering, enlightenment, and then final knowledge.

The tests, or "discovery" of nature indicated in the Arthashastra not only reveal a person's true nature, but restore them to that nature, forcing them to demonstrate the full extent of their skill. In the same way, a practice of Shiva's Yoga, if done to the limits of ability, force a being to flex the limit of their ability to grow. It is this capacity for growth which restores (reveals) our true nature, and restores us to the placetime where we belong.

Yoga practice is sufficient to permit some beings to join in the Temple practice: it is by self-control and righteousness that one becomes a Brahman, capable of performing those sacrifices required for the benefit of the world. The ability to perform this sacrifice is the final test, or discovery. The last frontier, beyond which we are called to pass.

Are you able to perform that final sacrifice? Have you learned its practice and trained sufficiently? Do you understand what is required of you yet? Don't you yet know your duty?