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Sacrifice ritual for birth or death - Vishnu Purana 3.3

Both birth and death are treated with equal awe, and sacrifice is required to mark the occasion. Before the sacrifice, it is customary to drive out all evil beings from the land and or home of the family with the birth or death. Sacrifice takes the form of celebration: it is not a solemn affair, but certainly is an intentional and conscious one.

Outsiders are not permitted to accept food or hospitality from the household that has experienced the birth or death for a period of 10-30 days, depending on the caste of the household (10 days for Brahmans, 12 days for Kshatriyas, 15 days for Vaishyas, and 30 days for Sudras). The same days are marked by the members of the household abstaining from something pleasurable, and refraining from going about outdoors on business, or growing passionately angry. The celebration also requires giving gifts and food to the ancestors, and especially the family of the household of the birth or death - with pomp and ceremony. Those who are too poor to offer gifts or food are similarly excused by expressing their wish to have been wealthy enough to afford gifts or food. Visiting the sacred places of the ancestors, or undertaking other pilgrimage, is also required. As is bathing. But, just as it is not permitted to accept food or hospitality from the household burdened by birth or death, it is not permitted to burden the injured, sick, women in their menses, or others who cannot bear the burdens of oblation with the requirements of ceremony.

But any guest who arrives without invitation and unexpectedly must be treated with utmost generosity by the household experiencing birth or death, sharing in the sacrifices of the community - but it is customary to invite everyone to come and bring oblation gifts!

Vishnu Purana 3.3