Winning world peace

Consider how wonderful Karma is! Observe the flow of consequence to action, an endless cycle of action, reaction, and reaction to reaction. Yet in doing so do not neglect to observe the role of choice in determining the outcome of those consequences. It happens frequently that though a consequence cannot be avoided (good or bad), these consequences can be amplified and encouraged or reduced and mitigated through a few good choices. And though no one can escape the consequences of their actions (good or bad), we may benefit by them: using the opportunity of wisdom to grow stronger, smarter, and ever more compassionate. Until at last we may utterly break the chains of Karma that bind us to the fate of lesser beings.

How long have you wandered through action and reaction? Long enough to know all change occurs through conditions which, themselves, are conditioned upon more small, subtle factors. The greatest and most monumental events in human history have been initiated through either by individuals permitting such small, subtle changes in their own lives - what has been gained by struggling against change? The greatest events of the future will be shaped and crafted by the least of our actions today. This is the true power of an individual: understanding the conditions by which consequences come to bear upon their personal actions allows them to better control their actions to achieve freedom from all future Karma. The person who has become harmless has neither good nor bad consequences waiting for them: in their own lives, and in their world. Though the power of an individual is limited to themselves alone, they are part of a greater whole which, by affecting themselves, they must necessarily affect. This is the lever by which worlds are moved. Or stilled.

And this is the power of friendship - and love: when two or more individuals join together in friendship and love, their collaboration amplifies their power over themselves. Traveling the same path, they watch out for each other and make sure each arrives at the intended destination rested, healthy and ready. They share the same burden.

There are those who say the world is gathering for some great battle or another, that in this final war good men and women must stand together or fall together. They forget the world has fought many such "final battles." And always it has been argued (eloquently!) that if war is not met there shall be terrible consequences. Yet to prevent those terrible consequences, the warriors provoke the very thing they fear thinking, by doing so we can mitigate or avoid some of those consequences from war. They think, death is inevitable but we may at least choose a better manner of our dying if we but hasten to our doom instead of fearing it. They forget, war is not inevitable, but peace is. War must be sustained by eloquent arguments and terrific enthusiasm of action. Peace is won by silence, and the weariness of non-action.

It is easy to remember death is inevitable for all who live, yet difficult to remember life is inevitable for all those who die. All that unbecomes must become again: cause becomes effect, effect becomes consequence, consequence becomes cause. Not understanding the true nature of cause and effect is cyclical, continual and conditional, they come by degrees of hope and fear to desire something very contrary to their interests. They do so because ignorance is their nature, as is the desire and aggression necessary for hope and fear. It is their nature to fight.

We may change our nature. Indeed, this is the truest way the strength of mind, body and heart is tried, and proven: what need do you have of Grace? Take but a moment and examine the conditions for success. Then steel yourself against desire and hope, against pain and pleasure - by self control attain a better nature! Strong in body, mind and heart, hold the very world itself still, stop the cycle of Karma: stand firm against your true enemy, your own nature. If you desire peace in the world, you must make peace with yourself first: change your nature and become peaceful. Become the change you wish to see in the world by permitting the subtlest changes in your own nature.

Your true battle lies within.