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Do not pray or wish - work to obtain what is desired

The Buddha Gotama taught that the ignorance of truth creates a desire for belief. Belief requires an apprehension of truth, and this apprehension would require a valuation of that truth, that one belief is valuable, and another is worthless. That some beliefs are contrary to the belief which is apprehended and developed. Developing belief causes a hatred of what is contrary to that belief. As ignorance causes belief, beliefs cause suffering. But beliefs can be let go and uprooted. Knowledge is a belief, seeing is a belief, hearing is a belief, touching is a belief. (Anguttara Nikaya 10.96).

There is a practice by which we come to know, see, attain, realize and understand what was previously unknown, unseen, unattained, unrealized, and mystery. Thus do we come to understand such is suffering, such is the origination of suffering, such is the end of suffering, such is the path of practice leading to the end of suffering. It is to know this, to understand this, we undertake the practice. (Anguttara Nikaya 9.13).

Understanding the self is the source of all perception, that what is heard, seen, felt, touched, tasted and comprehended is merely the perception of truth - not truth itself - reveals the truth, and precipitates Brahma. Nothing was created for this world, it was the union of conditions which permitted things to arise as they have. By destroying ignorance, understanding of the logic of this conditional causation arises and permits control over the results, and an end to the cycle of suffering (Bhagavad Gita V).

Gotama said, what is desirable cannot be obtained by prayers or wishes. Long life and health is welcome, agreeable, pleasant, but hard to obtain. Beauty and comfort is welcome, agreeable, pleasant, but hard to obtain. Contentment and happiness is welcome, agreeable, pleasant, but hard to obtain. Power and status is welcome, agreeable, pleasant, but hard to obtain. A better life is welcome, agreeable, pleasant, but hard to obtain. If what was desirable could be obtained simply by prayers or wishes, who among us would lack what we desire? It is not fitting for one of my students to pray or wish for their desires. If something is desired, they will simply understand how to obtain it by understanding its nature and causes, and work to follow the path leading to what they desire.

Sacrifice all sacrifices if you will discover success in achieving their purpose.