Free teacher training

Loka Hatha Yoga offers free teacher training for yogis seeking to volunteer with the Sheriff's Office, or provide other public service. Your help is needed. Whether you have no prior experience, or lots of prior experience, we need your help.

We invite you to participate and contribute. Contact, or (970) 778-2835 for more information

Work is the means by which Yoga is performed and perfected

Work is a means of life in Grihastha and Vanaprastha.  Jiva is a word that means "condition of life" or "manner of life."  A coppersmith is a tamrajiva: copper is their life.  Grain, the basis of human diet, is jivanarha.  When life ends (jivananta), it is understood that the conditions for living have ended, in the sense that a candle is extinguished when deprived of oxygen, wax fuel, or wick to carry wax to the air in fueling combustion.  Work is the means by which Yoga is performed - and perfected.