The Worship of Justice and Liberty

In our prison system there are many innocent people - some even condemned to die. But if there was even one innocent person, this should shake the foundation of morality governing our system of justice. And there are many people, like the often-accused Hillary, who have been found (if not innocent) then not-guilty. How does this erode any further that already degraded system of justice?

Doubtlessly, if there were more morality, there'd be more justice. How do we obtain that level of morality?

Every American has broken the law - even unintentionally so. Traffic laws are very complex, for example. If these people voluntarily "turned themselves in" we would have a very moral society - and soon, very different traffic laws. But in the course of human events, only a few men and women have been prepared for that kind of sacrifice. Justice is a harsh Goddess - are you prepared to pay the cost of her sacrifices, and lay yourself upon Her merciless altar?

If you are not, you are not alone. Justice is a venerable Goddess, and Her devotees are to be admired, for they are perfected human beings. No one will argue that. But it is Liberty who is the one stamped on American coins, and worshiped widely. Liberty is the birthright of every person, and cannot be taken away, even if they are condemned to death, even if they become enslaved. The devotion of Liberty only requires accepting this supremacy: if even the slave understands they are already free, they will understand how they have chosen to accept their chains - and how to break them. By such devotion, a person's nature is improved, and they begin to understand the nature of life itself: they begin to understand it is the chain, not their master, who is their enemy; they learn Ahimsa. They begin to trust Time - and Death. And discover even greater Gods than these.

If you are not prepared to worship Justice by submitting to Her merciless cruelty, accept your nature as imperfect and find a more worthy Goddess.

Do you wholly obey the law - even when you disagree with it, even if it is not enforced upon you by a Police Officer? Have you uprooted your own corruption and become a wholly law-obedient citizen? Until you do, the system will remain corrupted: because you have made the system, you are part of the system. If you cannot see beyond party politics, or religious affiliation, or other "isms," and tolerate the corruption you hate within yourself, and those like yourself, how will you ever succeed in uprooting it? This is the method and science of non-violent struggle. This is the method and science of Satyagraha. Insisting on honesty, truth, purity, love, an ideal devotion.