The Puranas - a declaration of truth

In the Puranas, Maitreya asked Parasana,
How could Narayana, a being without form, beyond time and space, take form as Brahma to create anything?  How could Narayana take form as Shiva and destroy anything? How could Narayana take form as Vishnu and neither create nor destroy?
For some being to be without form, to be beyond time and space, there must be time and space, there must be form.  The presumption that form and non-form are different, the presumption that non-time and non-space are different from time and space, such presumptions are illogical, false premises.  It is truth only to say, "what is not-not true is true."  Form is not taken by what already has form. What does not exist has not been created, and what is already created cannot be again realized.