Free teacher training

Loka Hatha Yoga offers free teacher training for yogis seeking to volunteer with the Sheriff's Office, or provide other public service. Your help is needed. Whether you have no prior experience, or lots of prior experience, we need your help.

We invite you to participate and contribute. Contact, or (970) 778-2835 for more information

Lying is violence against truth

Lying is an act of violence against truth, and deception cannot form the foundation of any successful encounter with an opponent. Lies, like any weapon would, create distrust and fear, and escalate hostility. Encounter lies with truth, hate with love, and you will earn not only honor, but success.

Always love, and insist on loving, even returning love for hate. Love even your enemy. Understand what fear has brought you to conflict, and restore the natural harmony and state of collaboration between you and him by addressing that fear. Defend yourself without harming your opponent.

Never fear. Never cause fear. Always be truthful, and insist on the truth. Where there is untruth there is fear, and where there is fear there is conflict. Strengthen those too weak to defend themselves, so that they never need fear. Defend those who are unable to defend themselves so that they never need fear, but by building trust through your constant aid, come to better understand love. There is more shame in having harmed your brother than having been overcome by him.

Do not submit, out of fear of punishment or assault, or any other fear, to an order given by a superior. Obey out of love.

Devote yourself to that which is true and loving, and venerate all that is truly loving. Those who act with love truly need not fear, all is forgiven of them. Devoutly offer as sacrifice to all that is truly loving all your strength, your body, your mind, your heart, your life. Venerate even the shrines of your enemy, if they represent the same truth and love you have devoted yourself toward.

Seek honor. Increase your honor by refraining from conflict, refraining from violence, refraining from force, refraining from exercising your strength, by withstanding force and remaining true to love. Chastise yourself, and refrain from all excess: moderation and temperance in all pleasure and pain will guide you toward greater honor, away from conflict. Seek honor by doing what is right at all costs, without fear of pain or desire for pleasure.

The inherent goodness of human nature is within yourself as much as within your enemy. Respect your enemy, and honor them in your struggle by devoting yourself to truth and love, for it is as great a cause for regret when a man of lesser honor overcomes a man of greater honor as when a man of lesser honor, overcome, yields to anything but goodness, or a servant of goodness, for then he is dishonored.

Harbor no anger in your heart, suffer the anger of your enemy.

Never retaliate. Expect the performance of justice. Never expect reciprocation of kindness. Perform your obligations. In all your fights, be harmless to your opponent.

In your fight, defend your opponent with your life, for you are responsible for their welfare. If you are their prisoner, obey them except when they command you toward your dishonor, or the dishonoring of others, or dishonoring truth and love. Do not take prisoners, but encourage your brother through his freedom toward a similar service of love and truth.

Do not put your opponents in a position where they have to defend their wrong view. Never defend your right view. Only act rightly without fear. Right actions need not fear wrong consequences. In humility, trust to justice, trust to the strength of love and truth. In them, grow stronger, body, mind and heart so that your heart may compel your mind, and your mind direct your body toward greater honor.

Though you may lose all you hold dear, or even your life, you will not lose your honor.

There comes a time when we must either remember our training in goodness, or strengthen our memory through repeated failure. It is in the act of conflict that we are most sorely tested. It is a hard choice, to embrace non-violence, and, against the violent antagonism of a determined enemy and the numerous adversities of our world, to concentrate our efforts on our true enemy, ourselves. Yet though we must defend ourselves, we should never do so by harming our opponent, or our world.