Hatha Yoga requires Justice

Swami Swatmarama taught that Hatha Yoga is for attaining Raja Yoga: by protecting the practicer from the heat of their practice, it was compared to the "supporting tortoise" for those who are constantly devoted to the practice of Yoga (the tortoise recalling to mind Kurma, an incarnation of Vishnu).  Swami Swatmarama taught against teaching if the practicer would perfect Hatha, and advocated solitary practice, in a small room.  Besides clearing the room of stones, fire, water, filth and otherwise preparing it for practice, Swami Swatmarama said Hatha can only be perfected "in a country where justice is properly administered, where good people live, and food can be obtained easily and plentifully."  This basic preparation for Hatha Yoga is the simplest expression of the essence of Raja Yoga.