You teach mind control?

One of the skills we teach in our advanced classes is mind control.  No, we're not members of the Tin Foil Hat Society (motto: "shiny side OUT!").  But we are using terminology dating from the Buddha Gotama, who - quite frankly - also confused his contemporaries with the phrase.

However, once you understand what "mind control" means, you'll understand why it was kept.  There really is no better way of saying it.  We are not talking about controlling other peoples' minds - but our own.  For controlling other peoples' minds, we'd suggest you learn "marketing."

Mind control is very similar to body control.  We are not talking about repressing emotions or thoughts.  In learning to control our bladder, we don't repress our bladder - but do learn how to use the toilet.  In learning to control our bodies so they may accomplish the most challenging Asanas, we don't repress our bodies.  In developing control over our bodies, we strengthen them - and in developing control over our minds, we strengthen them, too.

We develop a strength of mind through awareness, perception, logic, creativity, courage - and an almost countless number of other exercises (in bodily control, there are quite a few physical exercises to develop the strength of body required to perform advanced Asanas, too!)

When mind control improves, we then learn how to use our minds to strengthen body and heart.  And that's when the real fun begins!